Cardboard Sheets; Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Single-Wall Cardboard Sheet

Cardboard Sheets; Corrugated Cardboard Sheets:

Description: Most cardboard sheets are made up of corrugated layers with a paper lining on at least one side.  It comes in single wall, double wall, and triple wall sheets. Wall refers to the number of layers of corrugation. Test, or Edge Crush Test (ECT) refers to the amount of pressure per square inch the material can withstand without puncturing (the most common is  200 and 275 test; ECT32, 44, and 48). It is excellent for using as a protective barrier for objects. It can be cut or scored with a knife to create almost any shape.

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  • Single-Wall = ECT32 (200 test)
  • Single-Wall Heavy (T) = ECT44 (275 test)
  • Double-Wall = ECT48 (275 test)
  • Triple-Wall = ECT80

Stock Sizes:**Custom size cutting available.**

Single-Wall:                     Double-Wall:

  • 21″x26″                      -36″x48″ D/Wall
  • 24″x36″                      -48″x60″ D/Wall
  • 30″x40″                      -52″x78″ D/Wall
  • 34″x44″                      -48″x96″ D/Wall
  • 36″x48″                      -60″x120″ D/Wall
  • 40″x60″
  • 48″x48″
  • 48″x72″
  • 48″x96″

Single-Wall (T):               Triple-Wall:

  • 40″x60″ T                   -48″x96″ Tri-Wall
  • 48″x96″ T                   -60″x120″ Tri-Wall
  • 72″x96″ T

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