Description: Our glassine is acid-free, unbuffered and made from selected chemical pulp. Used primarily for interleaving between prints, drawings and pastels. Also used to make temporary envelopes for shipping unframed matted or unmatted works on paper to stiffen them for oversized photo corners. Traditionally used as an inner wrapping for paintings. Wrinkling and creases can be abrasive in some applications, therefore wrapping must be done carefully, and re-use of wrapping material is not advised. Not recommended for long-term storage. It has a definite shelf life of 3-5 years.


  • 36″ x 50yds. (roll)
  • 48″ x 50yds. (roll)
  • 48″ x 75yds. (roll)
  • 48″ x 200yds. (roll)
  • 60″ x 50yds. (roll)
  • 60″ x 100yds. (roll)
  • -24″ x 36″ ct. 100 (flat sheets)

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