foam wrap
Microfoam (Foam Wrap):

Description: A closed-cell foam that is virtually impermeable to water and has stable chemical properties, making it a suitable material for long-term storage containers. Rolls and sheets for storage shelf lining, wrapping, and interleaving of objects.

Sizes:(Available in a variety of heights, lengths, and densities)

  • 24″x1/8″ (550′)
  • 48″x1/8″ (550′)
  • 72″x1/8″ (550′)
  • 48″x1/16″ (1250′)
  • 72″x1/16″ (1250′)
  • 48″x1/32″ (2000′)
  • 72″x1/32″ (2000′)

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