Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper:

tissue paper

#1 Acid-Free Tissue Paper (aka #1 tissue, unbuffered tissue)

Description: Acid-free tissues do not contain lignin, and are made from high-quality pulp. Unbuffered tissue is used with protein-based materials (wool, silk, leather, fur) and other materials sensitive to alkali (silver, color photos). Choose unbuffered when content is mixed or unknown, or its somewhat softer qualities are preferred. When crumpled, it can provide a “pillow” or “cloud” in which to lay an object, but it does compress. Its softness makes it excellent for building up layers on objects to protect smaller areas or to build out protrusions.


Ream = 500 sheets
Double-Ream = 1,000 Sheets

  • 20″x30″ (double-ream wrapped)/ct.5 per case
  • 24″x36″ (ream-wrapped)/ct.5 per case

#1 Acid-Free ‘Buffered’ Tissue Paper:

Description: This type of tissue is ‘Buffered’, which means the paper has been treated to prevent acid migration to the tissue.  Never worry again about chemical/acid bleed effecting your stored photos and artwork.

Ream = 500 sheets


  • 20” x 30” (10 Reams per/case)  


tissue paper

Tissue Paper (aka #2 tissue, stuffing tissue)

Description: Tissue paper is made from a pulp that contains an acidic component, lignin. This is NOT to be used in place of #1 tissue, which does not contain this component, and is made from higher-quality pulp. Tissue can be used as a filler when acidity content is not an issue.


  • 20″x30″ (bulk packed, 50lbs.)
  • 24″x36″ (bulk packed, 50lbs.)

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