Volara Foam

Volara Foam

Volara Foam


Volara Foam is a flexible, fine-celled foam, making it smooth to the touch. This foam is manufactured as a continuous smooth roll with small cells and is available in a variety of types to suit various design property requirements.  Volara Foam has many benificial characteristics including high temperature resistance and low water absorbtion, low moisture vapor transmission and good buoyancy. Volara Foam also has excellent thermal insulation and chemical resistance properties.



  • (1/16″) – 4lb. Density
  • (1/8″) – 2lb. Density
  • (1/4″) – 2lb. Density
  • (1/2″) – 2lb. Density

Length Options:

  • 5 sheet pack (30″ x 36″): *only available in (1/8″) and (1/4″)
  • 60″ Roll x 5 yard length: (Available in all thicknesses)
  • 60″ Roll x 10 yard length: (Available in (1/16″), (1/8″) and (1/4″))

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